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    length of a field in calendar report...

    Jitesh Gurnani-Oracle

      I have a calendar report based on 2 columns as necessary, a date column and a varchar2 column.

      All the records for a particular date are grouped and shown under the date in the calendar report as required.

      Off late, we have faced an issue as below

      Error Error during rendering of region "Scheduled Maintenance".
      ORA-06502: PL/SQL: numeric or value error: character string buffer too small

      This occurs when there are a large number of records for a single date. I.e, the field on the calendar report for a date is not able to display all the records due to length constraints.

      Could somebody pls tell me what is the length of a date field displaying data in the calendar report and also in other reports.

      Is there a way, I could change the length of this date field being displayed.

      Jitesh Gurnani
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          Hello Jitesh,

          I don't know whats the exact limit. But when I try following queries in apex.oracle.com then..
          /*No Error*/
          SELECT 'b' name, sysdate date_col from dual connect by rownum < 32000;
          /*Error Occured in Month view, works fine in Day view*/
          SELECT 'b' name, sysdate date_col from dual connect by rownum < 33000;
          However I can't imagine calender with so many events and long text. It will destroy look & feel of calender regions.

          I suggest you to create some kind of filters so you only display some data at a time. That will definitely help end-users.

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