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    Future Guidance !

      Hi all,

      We just migrated our application from 6i to 11g forms/reports. Its OK.

      As Form/Report has a little future now onwards, so we want to use/add Java technology in our application.

      Please clear my below doubts;

      1. Java has many types and versions like Java Beans, JSP, Java Developer, ADF etc., suggest me
      *which java technology is best for Form/Report application* ?

      2. I have no knowledge and experience in Java, so suggest me course/training suits best to a Form/Report Developer.

      Hoping an valuable guidance from all masters!

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          Christian Erlinger
          1. Java has many types and versions like Java Beans, JSP, Java Developer, ADF etc., suggest me
          Those are not versions or types, those are technologies, and those you have mentioned are quite different if you ask me. And Java Developer ...I don't even know what you mean with that. All in all they solve different types of problems, so in order to define a solution to your problems you have to define your problems first.
          *which java technology is best for Form/Report application* ?
          Depends on your Application. There is no single best technology to solve all problems, as if there were all other technologies would be obsolete.
          2. I have no knowledge and experience in Java, so suggest me course/training suits best to a Form/Report Developer.
          If you don't know Java then I'd say start learning java ;)

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            Hello Christian,

            We have ERP (Sale,Purchase,Accounts,Production,Inventory,Payroll modules) for a single unit Manufacturing concern.
            This appliction has simple forms and reports.

            We want some new features like
            looking wise,
            graphical wise.
            working wise,
            Internet features,
            mobile compatibility

            Secondly, sir which Java Technology should I start and learn ?

            Please suggest.
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              As Form/Report has a little future now onwards...
              Every couple of months someone comes along and makes this statement. Where did you get this idea from? Oracle has no plans to discontinue Oracle Forms. Check out Grant Ronald's blog Oracle Forms Updated Statement of Direction or look at the updated statement of direction directly on OTN: Oracle Application Development Tools Statement of Direction: Oracle Forms, Oracle Reports and Oracle Designer. This is a direct link to the PDF published in March 2012.

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                Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                As Craig indicated, there are no discussions around Forms going away.

                At this time we are actively working on the next release (likely won't be available until next year sometime). Actually, I would be interested in hearing some ideas for new features that might be on peoples minds. I will say that most new features we are likely to consider would be those related to the runtime. We are also planning several cool new security related features. We are also planning some minor Builder improvements. However, in order to protect the stability of the Builder and not force people to learn a new tool, changes to the Builder will be very limited. We already have some new runtime features that should again set Oracle Forms above other similar products.

                Because we are so early in the development cycle, there is very little information that can be shared. Please do not ask when the next version will be available or what specific new features will be included. As this information becomes available, it will be posted on the Forms OTN page.

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                  Michael, I can understand your point. But on the other hand you should also understand Forms developers side. I agree with you questions like when and what are premature in this stage. But as I Forms and Java developer I am often in doubt what technology to use for certain project. This means if I knew today what new features will be available in the next release of Oracle Forms the decision would be kind of easier. I remember Grant's pole recently here on otn what new features the developers would like to see in new version. As I checked last time there were at least 15 or more pages of suggestions. For a such cooperation from developers side I would expect some kind of Oracle's feedback. This feedback should include what features will be incorporated in new version. No need for details just the strategy.

                  I am not trying to criticize you or your work. I am also not trying start a polemic here. It is just my opinion as a developer dedicated to Oracle database and tools.

                  Best regards.
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                    Michael Ferrante-Oracle
                    Actually, I appreciate your feedback and I am familiar with the survey Grant posted previously. In fact, for the next release we are looking closely at some of the features suggested in that survey. Unfortunately, some of the features in that and other surveys were deemed unrealistic or generally impractical. As for the more reasonable requests, we are considering as many as possible.

                    Keep in mind that one effort the Forms team has strived for over the years is that whenever possible, upgrading should be as simple as regenerating. We do not want to make any changes which might result in a mandatory code (pl/sq) change on your part unless absolutely necessary. The downside to this commitment is that some features may not be considered. As I mentioned, we have some cool new ideas planned for the next release, but because we are so far out from a release, discussing them now is mostly not permitted. At a high level, we are considering; new/improved security features, new applet parameters, minor Builder enhancements, new/improved "Events", various new customization options, and new installation options, and many more....

                    I am planning to attend KScope 2013 in New Orleans (US) this year. While there, I will do my best to share whatever information I am permitted to share at that time. More details likely will be available as we approach the end of the year and Open World 2013 in San Francisco.