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    Siebel OPA Connector - New Rules

      We have installed Siebel OPA connector in our environment and able to make successful connection between Siebel and OPA for smoke test rules.
      Now I have created simple rule in Opportunity BC and followed same steps as Smoke test but when I build and run the rules it has generated new war file with name as ‘determinations-server’ and also the available services as below

      •     /determinations-server9000/server/soap?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/server/soap/10.2?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/server/soap/10.0?wsdl

      •     /determinations-server9000/interview/soap/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/interview/soap/10.2/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/specific/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/generic/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/specific/10.3/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/generic/10.3/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/specific/10.2/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/generic/10.2/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/specific/10.0/FastTrackDeal?wsdl
      •     /determinations-server9000/assess/soap/generic/10.0/FastTrackDeal?wsdl

      But when I am trying to access the rules I am getting error message, but after I changed my ‘determinations-server’ to siebel-determinations-server and installed again in web logic server I am able to access the rules and getting the result back.

      Now my Question: This is how the Siebel OPA connector works means every time when we build and run the rules do we need to change the determination-server to Siebel-determination-server. If so how can we have add new rules to existing Siebel-determination-server.war file so that my previous rules will not be impacted.

      Am I missing any thing so that the ‘determinations-server’ can be used with out renaming the war file.
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          The URL called by Siebel is a Outbound URL and you can change that to the name you want to give to the determinations-server web application.

          However, the siebel-determinations-server that comes as part of the OPA Connector for Siebel has some specific plugins enabled for it for running with Siebel. The most obvious feature is the IO Service which allows you to send and receive integration objects for the siebel-determinations-server.

          What I recommend is that you build your rulebase and then deploy it to the siebel-determinations-server, rather than compile a standard determinations-server from OPM.

          If you are using weblogic, as a Application server. I recommend using an external rulebase directory to make deploying your rulebases easier. For more information on this, see"Oracle Determinations Server configuration file" in the Oracle Policy Automation Developer's Guide (http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38272_01/toc.htm).