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    Forcing an Outer Join that doesn't exist in the EUL

      I am running Discoverer Plus and they do not give me any access to anything. We have a table join that should be an outer, but it was not created that way in the EUL. So when we try to create the report we want, it works fine until we add the fields from the table that was joined incorrectly.
      we have the follwing:
      Analyte Table containing Analyte_CLASS_ID that is a NOT NULL field.
      Analyte_CLASS Table containing ANALYTE_CLASS_ID and ANALYTE_CLASS_NAME
      When I want the NAME, I simply add to the report, but it then wipes out any Analyte_Table.Analyte_CLASS_ID's that are NULL.

      Is there something that I can do to work around this? I have put in for there to be an OUTER JOIN added to those two fields, but in reality who knows when that will be done.
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          Michael Armstrong-Smith


          As an end user you cannot override an inner join and make it an outer join. You cannot add anything to data that has not already been provided. You can take away, by using filters and conditions, but you simply cannot add.


          It is possible for your administrator to add a second join that will not upset any existing reports that already make use of the inner join. The second join would be the outer join named so that it is easily identifiable, perhaps even putting the word OUTER in the join name.


          Going forwards, whenever a user tries to create a report between there folders they will be warned that multiple joins exist and prompted to choose which one to use. Once selected you cannot go back and pick the other one. You would have to remove all of the items from the report from one of the folders then start to add them back in. As you add them back in you will once again be prompted and asked which join you should sue.


          Hope this helps