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    Prevent css compilation with JavaFX maven plugin?

      I'm using zonski's JavaFX plugin for Maven (https://github.com/zonski/javafx-maven-plugin) to build a self-contained executable jar file. It works fine, except that some of the css styles I created failed to be applied. When I opened the jar file in a file browser, I noticed that my css file had been replaced with a bss file containing bytecode. When I manually deleted this file from my jar and replaced it with the original css file, everything worked fine and all my styles were correctly applied.

      I've also noticed that when I just do a normal maven build (ie, not using the JavaFX plugin), the css file remains a css file, so this behavior appears to be specific to zonski's plugin. Does anybody know if there's a way to turn this off? I'd prefer to just keep it as a css file in the first place if possible, rather than have to fix it manually.