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    OVS vnc


      i would like to know

      How to find vnc port from oracle vm manager ? is it possible to connect to vm console directly from vnc ?
      I not able to do so using tightvnc or Realvnc with port 5900,5901,6900,6901.

      When i connect to vm console (vnc) from chrome it launch ovm_rasproxy-ws.jnlp
      I have to download and execute it each time
      How can i do it only one time ?
      Would like also to avoid ovm_rasproxy-ws (1).jnlp ovm_rasproxy-ws (2).jnlp ovm_rasproxy-ws (n).jnlp

      When i connect to vm console (vnc) from IE it launch nothing
      i already add it to autorize popup and trusted site.
      but nothing