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    AIA comms O2C PIP 11.2: Is creation of subscription group supported ?

      HI AIA gurus

      I am confused from documentation and source code of AIA comms O2C PIP 11.2. From documentation, it seems like Creation of Service group along with creation of services during order fulfillment. But, in the transformations for making input flistfor opcodes PCM_OP_CUST_MODIFY_CUSTOMER or PCM_OP_PURCHASE_SUBSCRIPTION_DEAL in composite ProcessFulfillmentOrderBillingBRMCommsAddSubProces do not have Field SUBSCRIPTION_OBJ field which indicates the Subscription parent of all services.

      So, it is not clear if subscription group is supported in AIA comms O2C PIP 11.2. From research i found that AIA 2.0.1 did not support subscription groups. So, i am not sure if 11.2 or 11.3 PIPS support this feature.

      Please help me to know if subscription group is supported or not. If supported, please help with Product configurations we need to do in Siebel to test subscription group creation.