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    upgrade oracle apex from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1

      I am currently using Apex 4.2.0, and i want to upgrade it without uninstalling
      when i try to install 4.2.1 it gives error that apex is already installed on your PC.

      I am using oracle enterprise edition..please give me solution how can i upgrade my apex to 4.2.1
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          This page may help you.

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            Hello Parekh Jigar,

            it seems you've hit the wrong forum for your question, as this one is dedicated to APEX Listener, a web server to make your APEX instance available for HTTP clients (browsers, etc.). Your question would fit better to {forum:id=137}.
            Anyway, your question is easy to be answered: There are two different ways to get a recent APEX install
            1. Download from OTN. OTN downloads are allways full installation packages, i. e. you can perform a fresh install or an upgrade from a previous major release.
            2. Download from My Oracle Support (MOS). MOS offers patches that can also be applied to installations of the same major release.

            In your case, you already have an install of the most recent major release (APEX 4.2) and need a patch to update to 4.2.1. This patch is only available via MOS.
            (Note that the most recent APEX version would be 4.2.2)

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              hi udo thanx for your reply

              I first degrade apex to 4.1 as given on this link http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E37097_01/doc/install.42/e35123/trouble.htm#autoId5

              and than i install 4.2.1

              but after it gives

              Error     Error processing request.
              ORA-01403: no data found

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                Did you receive any error during downgrade/upgrade? Did you check whether your APEX instance (still) worked after the downgrade?
                Is the "no data found" part of the installer or is it the error message you receive when you try to access your instance?
                If it's the latter, are you sure you receive this message from APEX Listener or could it be your request is handled by the EPG (Embedded PL/SQL Gateway, provided by XDB HTTP Server in your database)?