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    RAC upgrade from to

      Dear Experts,

      i have requirement to upgrade the DB from to and below is my setup.

      1) we have three cluster database running in 3-node RAC and Two database are running in
      2) Only one DB is running in so i already have and cluster installed in that server and two Database are running in

      i have been asked to upgrade from database to

      did anyone have come across such scenario where you have and cluster RAC binaries are in place, and we need to upgrade only the DB running in to ?
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          This is a pretty straight forward upgrade from to You can use the same binaries that are already there or if you want/need then create a separate ORACLE_HOME for your new database.

          The upgrade will be transparent to your other databases on the cluster.

          What is your question..or did I miss it?
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            Dear Freddie,

            Thanks for your comments.
            do we have any standard procedures, we need to follow for upgrading in to
            i have done many standalone DB upgrades , havent done any any cluster DB upgrade. so i dont want to miss out any steps?

            please let me know what steps i should follow?
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              Use DBUA to make your life easier if you haven't done this before. Presumably your ASM and CRS are already at

              From memory, if you are doing an manual upgrade then it's not much different to doing a standalone upgrade.

              You set cluster_database=false first, run through the steps and then set cluster_database=true at the end.

              You will also need to update the oracle_home for this database to the new home in CRS using:
              srvctl upgrade database -d <db_name> -o <oracle_home>
              You need to confirm the steps by reading the docs at http://www.oracle.com/pls/db112/portal.portal_db?selected=11&frame=

              Also see: