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    Confirmation Dialog when clicking on Tree Node.

      I am working on Oracle Apex and I have the following problem:

      The code below shows the definition of a tree. The tree displays records from the table ACTIVITIES in hierarchical structure.

      When user clicks on a leaf/node of the tree he will be redirected to another page where the details of each Activity/leaf/node are displayed.

      The tree is part of a page where I have established a functionality to check for changes on the input fields of the page and inform the user when he tries to redirect without first saving the changes he made.

      What I want to do is:

      WHEN user clicks on a node of the tree AND he hasn't saved any changes he made
      trigger a confirmation dialog.

      he clicks OK he is redirected to the node details page as defined on the tree definition:

      ELSE if he clicks CANCEL

      he stays on the same page.

      The condition to trigger the confirmation box is:
      if (document.getElementById('P0_CHANGES_DETECTED').value == 1)

      where P0_CHANGES_DETECTED is a universal hidden text field that is set to +'1'+ every time a change is made.

      and here is the tree definition:

      select case when connect_by_isleaf = 1 then 0
      when level = 1             then 1
      else                           -1
      end as status,
      +"NAME" as title,+
      null as icon,
      +"ID" as value,+
      null as tooltip,
      decode(PARENT_ID,null,null, 'f?p=&APP_ID.:10:'||:APP_SESSION||'::::P10_ID:'||"ID") as link
      from "#OWNER#"."ACTIVITIES"
      where GROUP_ID = :P20_GROUP_ID
      start with "ID" in (select ID from "#OWNER#"."ACTIVITIES" where GROUP_ID = :P20_GROUP_ID and PARENT_ID is null)
      connect by prior "ID" = "PARENT_ID"
      order siblings by "ID"

      I hope it is clear what I want to achieve. Thanks in advance.
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          So you'll want to bind an event to all tree nodes that checks for the value and then fires the confirmation if there value is 1.

          Try something like this:

          - first, give your static ID attribute in your tree the value of tree_static_id (or whatever you want. just replace the id selector below with what you choose).

          - In your Page Function and Variable Declaration Javascript:
          function confirmSave() {
          var changeDetected = jQuery('#P0_CHANGES_DETECTED').val();
          if(changeDetected == 1) {
          //only do this if change is detected
          if(confirm('You have unsaved changes. Do you want to leave this page?')) {
          window.location('[your url here]');

          jQuery(document).ready(function() {
          //bind function to the click event
          $('#tree_static_id').find('li a').bind('click', function() { confirmSave(); } });
          Hope this helps
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