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    EM 12c on HTTPS Port 80 ?


      I have a situation where we have most ports blocked on our VPN except for the standard 22/80/443/1521/etc. This makes it difficult (impossible actually) to access EM 12c on the VPN unless I RDP to my desktop then everything is fine.

      I see the docs say "Do NOT set any port to a value lower than or equal to 1024. Ports up to 1024 are typically reserved for root users (super users). Therefore, make sure the port you customize is always set to a value greater than 1024." but I was curious if anyone ran EM on Port 80 (443) ? I remember we used to tweak the old OWS and even 10g GC to run on lower ports with apachectl. Does anyone do this for 12c? I'm running 12c "R2" (


      I'd rather not ask our network guys to open up an arbitrary port for only EM if I can tweak it to run on a standard web port.