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    Error: 1051008: Invalid login id - logout failed

    sunil k
      I am facing a strange issue with my environment since last couple of days. I have a process that loads data to ESSBASE using DIM adaptor. This process receives a network error in the middle and aborts however it leaves a session Active on ESSBASE with activity 'StreamDataLoad'. When i try to kill this session i receive an error - Here are the error details

      Error received by process
      ERROR - 1042012 - Network error [10054]: Cannot Send Data.

      Error i receive when i try to log off the user from EAS console to abort the session
      MaxL Command               April 29, 2013 10:17:00 AM CDT
      Error: 1051008: Invalid login id - logout failed

      So on hand it says the login is invalid, however it does not allow any other process as it says there is already an active session. The only option i am left with is to hard kill the application server process from server.

      Has anyone encountered something like this? This does look like some kind of bug