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    Disk group for Oracle 11g RAC

      I am wondering if someone can share opinion about the Disk Group design for Oracle 11g RAC with ASM . All disk groups are on LUNS

      DATA - For Data files, SPFile, Cotrol File with external redundancy RAID 1 mirror
      FRA - For archive log, db_recovery_file_destination - file with external redundancy RAID 1 mirror

      Redo Log files Disk Groups with multiplex - 6 Redo Log group, each member with 2 files, each file 50 MB

      RedoA - Redo log files
      RedoB - Redo log files

      VOT - with fail over group VOT1, VOT2, VOT3 - Normal redundancy
      CRS - with fail over group CRS1, CRS2, CRS3 - Norma redundancy


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          How can anyone possibly make a recommendation?

          We don't know if you are building a testbed for personal education or a 1.2 PB OLTP system supporting a mobile phone company or a 400TB data warehouse?

          And what is Oracle 11g? Is that or or something else entirely?

          Flesh out your request with information about what you are building, on what hardware, for what purpose.