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    Customising the home tab

    David Elms
      I'm using ADF and JHeadstart and I want to add content to the JHS-generated home tab, specifically a dashboard with some tables, a graph, and a URL data control.

      Should I let JHS generate the home tab, manually add the dashboard and content in Jdev, and then customise the Velocity homepage template in some way to retain the dashboard?

      Or should I stop the generation of the home tab (as mentioned in Application home page question and build my own tab? With this approach I suppose I'd need to create another tab from one of the same application modules that I've used for other tabs.

      In either case, is there a way to use the JHS generator to specify and produce the content within a dashboard? The graph example in the tutorial relies upon using an overflow area which doesn't seem appropriate when I don't need the associated table.

      It mentions in the JHS tutorial, "+Note that you can easily customize this home page+"... but then doesn't give me any clues as to how...

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          Steven Davelaar-Oracle

          Just switch off generation of the home page as explained in the post your refrerred to.
          You don;t need to create another tab, the home tab is still generated, only the content will no longer be generated.

          JHS might help with generating dashboard content, but that all depends on the type of content you want to place in the dashboard.
          For example, you could create a dashboard page which contains 4 task flows as regions, those task flows can be generated using JHeadstart, and then you just drag and drop onto you af:panelDashBoard - showDetailItem.

          Steven Davelaar,
          JHeadstart Team.
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            David Elms
            I didn't use a dashboard in the end but I have added custom content to the home tab and it's not being removed by the JHS generator. Thanks.