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    URGENT:How the orig_sys_ref column is created in cz_ps_nodes


      I am importing the data from cz_imp_ps_nodes to cz_ps_nodes.for this import,the value for orig_sys_ref column is mandatory so just wanted to know how this value is created.
      What is the souce of this column.

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          When you are importing a BOM from Oracle EBS, the value might look something like this:


          This string breaks down as follows:

          COMPONENT_CODE: 60802-61393-61234
          ORGANiZATION_ID: 84 (for the related imported model)
          INVENTORY_ITEM_ID: 60802 (for the related imported model)

          Component Code is a delimited string showing the parent-child relationship. in the example above, I show "60802-61393-61234"


          60802 = Top Imported Model
          61393 = Option Class Item Item
          61234 = Inventory Item Id of the component in the option class.

          As far as I know, this field just needs to be unique. The method above is how Oracle EBS ensure uniqueness for an imported BOM. I am not absolutely positive, but I doubt that this column is used for any other purposes. I imagine it is there to unsure that the same set of items are not duplicated for the same project.

          In your case, just make sure that you generate a Unique String for each node that you import for a specific model.