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    install OVM 2.x on existing OVS 2.x server


      We have a exalogic server containing both OVS and OVM., both were working fine for the past 3 yrs, and we received unscheduled outage leading to improper shut down of OVM and OVS. But, all [40] VM's on the OVS were now safe but OVM deployed VM went down due to corrupted file system.

      Please advice if running re-deploying the OVM template on the existing VM will not cause any impact/loss of the VM on the OVS.

      Note that the OVS whcih we are having is presently in production.

      We need accurate answer if deployment [by executing Deploy_Manager_Template.sh] of the OVM template on a VM will be treated as a fresh instance [without showing up any VM] ? , precisely , can the re-deployement harm vm config exsitng under /var/ovs/mount/<<repository & NFS>> ??