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    Unit testing - problems using £ sign

      Sorry if this has come up before...

      We're using the SQL Developer unit testing functionality in what we thought was a fairly straightforward manner.

      We use a startup to set up some data, run a procedure with specific values for the inputs, compare the outputs with expected values, and then use a teardown to remove the data.

      All works well except for one output field. For reasons I won't bother to go into, it's a varchar2 field that returns an amount, in the format £9.99 - i.e. with a UK pound (£) sign at the start of the string.

      Whenever I try and input an expected value including the pound sign, the whole value gets converted to null - so, £9.50 gets saved as an expected value of null, which then, of course, causes the test to fail (unless we set it to ignore the value which somewhat defeats the point of testing !)

      Playing around a little, it seems that characters such as $ and # are ok, but any string that uses £ anywhere within it (e.g. 876f£ffe) gets saved as null.

      Has anyone else encountered this or have a workaround/fix ?

      (SQL Developer version, running on Windows XP 32-bit)