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    Subversion on OPM

      Hi Experts,

      We are planning to use Subversion source control for rulebase development on OPM.

      Can anyone provide details on where to configure source control environment within OPM application and what are all the details about subversion source control environment that we would need? apart from subversion URL, username and password.

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          Subversion integration in OPM is pretty simple. When you install OPM you can choose to install the basic Subversion windows client (1.6), or you can use your own existing subversion install. If you use your own, make sure that the svn executable is on the windows path so that OPM can find it.

          Once subversion is installed you can managed files inside OPM or just through the file system. OPM will cache you svn password (for security reason) however, svn management through the file system usually will (depending on the subversion install.

          Have a look at Track versions of rulebase documents in Oracle Policy Modeling User's Guide (http://docs.oracle.com/html/E38269_01/toc.htm) for more information on managing OPM projects in subversion.