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    Where is Resources tab in Oracle VM 3.1.1 (Build 365)?

      I have Oracle VM 3.1.1 (Build 365) running under VirtualBox via an appliance import. I wish to import the "E-Business Suite Release 12.1.3 Vision Media pack for x86 (64 bit)" VM template. The readme that accompanies the EBS media pack specifies the following:

      "4) Log into Oracle VM Manager and navigate to the Resources tab. The Virtual Machine Templates screen is displayed. Click Import. The
      Source screen is displayed."

      However, there is no Resources tab (yes, there is a "Tools and Resources" tab) and if one navigates to the Tools and Reources tab there is not a "Virtual Machine Templates" screen.

      Any suggestions for the proper navigation path to import the template? Thanks in advance for your recommendations.
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          Hi, I am guessing the template documentation was written for Oracle VM 2 (not positive since I have not checked the template documentation, so just a guess).

          Anyway, the tempate needs to be on a http server somewhere (anywhere really) on your intranet. Once the template is available for the Manager to download, you will go to the "Repositories" tab, expand the "Repositories" folder in left hand navigation pane, select/highlight the repository where you will be importing the template, expand the repository itself, select/highlight the "VM Template" folder.

          Once you have selected the "VM templates" folder within the repo, the "Import" icon will become available in the right hand managment pane. Select that icon and provide the URL to the template.

          Follow the instructions in the Oracle VM 3.1.1 documentation: