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    Forms 11g Webutil  error WUC-0 missing resource


      I have Forms configured with webutil 1.14.3.
      Webutil is working (for example webutil_clientinfo),
      but when i call: webutil_file_transfer.DB_To_Client_with_progress
      the function returns FALSE and I get the error message in the java console and in the application:
      WUC-0 [WEBUTIL_FILE_TRANSFER.DownloadInt] missing resource ERROR000 in oracle.forms.webutil.common.WebUtilBundle

      The parameters for webutil_file_transfer.DB_To_Client_with_progress are correct, in 10g it is working.

      Thanks in advance
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          Michael Ferrante-Oracle
          Try this:

          1. Close ALL open browsers on the failing client
          2. Clear the JRE cache.
          3. Delete all instances of webutil.*properties found on the client machine.
          4. Verify that the following files do not exist in the client JRE home\bin directory (e.g. C:\Program Files (x86)\Java\jre6\bin). If they do, carefully delete them.
          5. On the server, verify that you have properly configured webutil.cfg. Be sure that you have enabled db file transfer with following parameter:
          6. Retest
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            the answer did not help, but i found the reason for the error message:
            Webutil called the webutil_db Package in DB , this package was missing in DB and in the pll the call of the package was commented.
            I installed the package and fixed the pll and now it is working.

            Thanks !