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    Getting Error in Informatica Repository Creation

    Naeem Akhtar Khan
      I am facing below error while creation of Repository service.

      The following error occurred while performing a repository action. Error - [PCSF_10007] Cannot connect to repository [BIA_RS] because \n[[REP_61082] AdminConsole's code page (UTF-8 encoding of Unicode) is not one-way compatible to repository BIA_RS's code page (MS Windows Latin 1 (ANSI), superset of Latin1). Failed to connect to repository service [BIA_RS].].

      I have installed informatica on Linux 64 bit.

      The characterset of Oracle DB is WE8MSWIN1252 .

      Following 2 variables were set before to start informatica service.


      Please advice.

      Naeem Akhtar