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    Jan Vervecken

      Yesterday May 2, 2013 Oracle released JDeveloper
      see http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/developer-tools/jdev/jdev-11gr2-nf-404365.html

      I downloaded the Studio Edition Windows Install ( jdevstudio11124install.exe ).
      While installing I used the JDK that came as part of the install file.

      When I tried to start it I got the message
      "Java version 1.6.0_24 not supported. The minimum version required is 1.6.0_35. "
      see http://www.consideringred.com/files/oracle/img/2013/jdev111240-java-not-supported-20130503.png

      Clicking OK showed a dialog to select a path to a JDK
      see http://www.consideringred.com/files/oracle/img/2013/jdev111240-path-to-JDK-20130503.png

      After downloading and installing "jdk-6u43-windows-x64.exe" I entered "C:\Program Files\Java\jdk1.6.0_43" which allowed me to run JDeveloper.

      Maybe I missed something, but it seems strange that the install file comes with a not supported Java version, not?

      Jan Vervecken
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