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    Problem with ApplicationResources_ar.properties file


      In my application I use javaClass as Resource bundle type but the size of the ApplicationResources.java is too large and I get code too large error when trying to run the application. So I tried to change the Resource bundle type to propertyFilebut there is a problem with properties file which I explain in the following using a test case.

      I create a new application based on the hr schema with two Application Modules. So, I enable JHs in the view project and set some properties of the application node in JHs as follows:
      Resource bundle type: propertyFile
      Override NLS Resource Bundle Entries: unchecked
      Generate NLS-enabled prompts and tabs: checked
      Generate default locale: ar

      I create a service based on the first AM and set some labels in Arabic. So, I generate the service and everything is fine with the ApplicationResources_ar.properties file. Then I go ahead and create another service based on the second AM and set some labels in Arabic again. So, I generate the second service and now the previous entries in the ApplicationResources_ar.properties file related to the first service are messed up and my Arabic strings are converted to some strange strings but the strings related to the second service are OK. I mean whenever I generate a service, previous strings in the resource file get corrupted. Why is this happening? Any help would be appreciated.

      Anyway, I am usingJDev, JHs, and I have selected Arabic (Saudi Arabia) for Standards and formats, Location, and Language for non-unicode programs in the Regional and Language Options in the control panel.