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    What is this STAGING directory

      Hi there,

      On my GRID server on 1 of my disks I have a directory named staging. In there are directorys that are number base. In those directorys are files which date at least 2 years back. What is this directory, what process inputs data there and how do i clean / delete data from this stagins directory. Here's how it looks like.

      [oracle@emgrid staging]$ ls
      0 11 14 17 2 22 25 28 30 33 36 39 41 44 47 5 52 55 58 60 63 66 69 71 9
      1 12 15 18 20 23 26 29 31 34 37 4 42 45 48 50 53 56 59 61 64 67 7 72
      10 13 16 19 21 24 27 3 32 35 38 40 43 46 49 51 54 57 6 62 65 68 70 8

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          I can't check it at the moment but it could be the Software Library. But if nothing has changed(timestamp) the last 2 years I doubt it. You can check in EM what directory is defined as Software Directory, see http://www.oracledistilled.com/grid-control/configuring-the-software-library-for-oracle-enterprise-manager-11gr1-grid-control/

          If on the other hand the staging directory is what it normally is than it is nothing more then a temporary used directory during the installation. Which is ,again, normally cleaned up. Maybe something went wrong during the installation 2 years ago and the cleanup did not happen.

          If the directory can be deleted I would first rename the directory, back it up and after a week or so delete it.

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            The Software Library is a repository that stores software patches, virtual appliance images, reference gold images, application software and their associated directive scripts.

            To access the Software Library page, from the Enterprise menu, click Provisioning and Patching, then select Software Library.

            Please check below URL for more details.


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              Since my diskspace is small how do i stop the download of Oracle software into this location?
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                You want to stop automatic software update. then please deconfigure My support credentials in EM.

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                  Venkata Thiruveedhi-Oracle

                  You can remove the software library, but if you need to download any software that requires a location. So, you can set any other location as swlib which is accessible from your OMS.

                  To remove the software library:

                  + Login to Cloud Control
                  + Navigate to setup --> Provisioning & Patching --> Software Library
                  + You can find the location listed over there.
                  + You can purge the data from Actions.

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                    Not sure which version are you but in software library is a REQUIRED component in EM 12c as it is used for a number of internal operations - such as self-update (online or offline), EM patching, etc. So deconfiguring software library is not recommended.
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                      Can you first confirm that the staging directory is indeed the Software Library directory as defined in EM using the link in my previous post or Venkat's post? Because if this is not the case I don't see a problem removing this directory.

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                        Thank you all for your reply. This is the software library. My problem has been solved.