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    Re: Consignment Inventory for Raw Material Purchased Items

    Raghunathan Narasimhan

      I have a requirement to calculate the Price of the OSP PO based on the component costs dynamically. Is this possible ?

      Here is the scenario i am facing..

      I have a 3PL also acting as a supplier for raw materials and as a service provider to make the FG item using the same raw materials.

      The process flow i am working to simulate and the questions i have...

      #1 i set up a Consigned Inv PO Process for the Raw Materials..
      #2 I use WIP to create a Job for the FG item (set up as a OSP item with the raw materials as components and routing established for back flushes)
      #3 an OSP PO is issued.
      #4 I receive the OSP PO.
      #5 I am hoping the OSP will get issued to the WIP job and the FG item will be available in Inventory for sales order fulfillment.
      #6 So when i received the OSP FG item, it should backflush the raw materials from the consigned inventory.

      Would the above seem feasible ?

      Thanks much.