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    Error when configuring the userstore in OAM for OUD


      I installed the OIM/OAM sucessfully. I would like to do a PoC to protect one web based application using the OAM.
      Using the OUD as user story. When trying to create a userstore in OAM, i am getting the below error. However, when i click on test connection, it shows sucessfully.

      security.idm.ObjectNotFoundException: No User found matching the criteria.>
      <May 6, 2013 4:51:23 PM IST> <Error> <oracle.oam.user.identity.provider> <OAMSSA -20023> <Authentication Failure for user : test2, for idstore OUDStore1 with exc
      eption Could not get user : test2, idstore: OUDStore1, with exception: No User found matching the criteria. with primary error message null>

      Can you please suggest me.