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    Install 11gR2 on Linux 6 with ASM for production environment ?

      Hi Experts

      Plz I hope someone could help me, I am planning to Install Oracle 11g R2(
      on Oracle Linux 6 with ASM for a production environment.

      My doubt is: Is it a stable combination ? someone has experience working with this version ? is there some Oracle documents to support this implementation on Production ?

      I have been installing and working with 11g R2 on Oracle Linux 5 (5.7,5.8) with ASM for some time and I didn’t have problems, it’s very stable combination

      My situation is this: Our client insist on use Oracle Linux 6 on a new Oracle implementation, even when we told her Oracle Linux 5 its Very stable, so that’s why I am asking for some advice, because it’s a production environment 7x24.

      Thank you for your time and advice


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