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    Apex Listener 2.0.1 vs Sql Developer Administration bugs

      Apex Listener 2.0.1 / Sql Developer / Apex 4.1.1

      1. I'm using basic connection type with service name. Each time I connect to listener administration it is resetted to SID with default name as orcl.

      2. Test Settings does not work in case hostname is localhost.
      Database Settings apex:
      Cannot connect to APEX_PUBLIC_USER. Исключение ввода/вывода (input/output exception): The Network Adapter could not establish the connection>

      At the same time it's working in defaults.xml:
      <entry key="db.hostname">localhost</entry>
      I'm not sure why. Database and Apex Listener are installed on the same mashine. May be this can help:
      <Warning> <Server> <x> <> <DynamicListenThread[Default]> <<WLS Kernel>> <> <> <> <BEA-002611> <Hostname "x", maps to multiple IP addresses: 10.110.x.x, 0:0:0:0:0:0:0:1>
      3. I can see "Enable RESTful Services" action in (url http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E35137_01/appdev.32/e35117/intro.htm#autoId110)SQL Developer User's Guide. Still there is no such action in Sql Developer. Thus settings are always uploaded with enabled RESTful Services.

      I see error
      The pool named: apex_al does not exist
      each time I connect to Apex Listener Administration in case of RESTful Services is not configured during configuration of apex.war.
      I can't find any restrictions for RESTful Services to be configured. So I think this error is unnecessary.

      4. From sql developer User's Guide
      Connect (context menu only): Connects to the Application Express Listener (see Connecting to Application Express Listener Server).
      Retrieve Settings, Upload Settings, and Launch URL are enabled when you connect to the Application Express Listener.>

      administration settings are retrieved and displayed but still Retrieve Settings, Upload Settings, and Launch URL are disabled in context menu after connection.
      I need to perform New Administration action to make them enabled.
      Is this expected behavior ?

      Is this all bugs or known features ?

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          Liz Saunders-Oracle
          Hi Igor,

          Item 1: This is a bug in SQL Developer that it includes the default SID orcl even if you are using the service name. The SID default value "orcl" bug will be fixed in a future release of SQL Developer.

          Item 3: The documentation for that section is not up-to-date with the UI. The RESTful Services are enabled if you specify a valid APEX_REST_PUBLIC_USER password and an APEX_LISTENER password. The documentation will be updated in a future release of SQL Developer.

          Item 4: The Retrieve Settings, Upload Settings and Launch URL will be enabled if you are connected. On the right-hand-side of the APEX Listener tab, the connection name will be displayed next to "Connection: " indicating that you are connected; otherwise, it will display "Not Connected".

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            DB: V11.2

            APEX V

            APEX Listener: V2.

            SQLDeveloper: Version

            OS WIndows 7 64 bit


            I am trying to create a connection to a standalone Apex Listener installation via SQL Developer to manage the listener settings. I start a new connection and after entering the UN/PWD of the Listener Administrator I get the following error:


            Authentication failed




            In the Standalone APEX Listener DOS window I'm getting the following error message:

            SEVERE: The pool named: apex_al does not exist


            So where do I even start to trouble shoot this???


            I add a connection as follows:

            Connection Name: Connection

            Usename: adminlistener  (pwd=adminlistener configured using command :java -jar apex.war user adminlistener "Listener Administrator")

            HTTP radio button

            Hostname: localhost

            Port: 8080

            Server Path: /apex


            thanks in advance

            Paul Platt