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    Navigate between 2 reports and pass values between 2 different columns


      I have a question about navigating from 1 report to another while passing the value from column 1 to column 2 in the second report...

      In OBIEE 11G, I create action link on report 1, column 1 and this action link is navigate to BI Content and the destination is report 2. Now report 2 has column 2, which is an alias of column 1 from report 1, from user's point of view they are the same, but from OBIEE point of view they are different.

      My action link is able to navigate to report 2, however, the value in column 1 which I clicked to execute the navigation, does not get passed to column 2 in report 2..

      Is there a way around this issue?

      Let me know if I need to provide more clarification