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    Drag and Drop 3D Objects?

      So I'm curious if anyone has an idea about this?

      You cannoth use a Mesh as a DragView currently, so I figured I would created an instance of my object, and drag it once it enters the Target. I cannot find a way to automatically start a mouse press and have it move with the current operation.

      I also cannot serialize TriangleMesh which I use in my Object to map it to a DataFormat.

      I put up a Jira Report here https://javafx-jira.kenai.com/browse/RT-30209

      but I'm curious if anyone has any thoughts on this matter?

      I figure the easiest way would being able to use a Mesh as a view, and be able to drag that mapped data. Granted even without the data I can set it up with DragDone to do what I need, but I would really love the Mesh as a DragView :).
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          Can you snapshot the MeshView and use the resulting image to set the drag view on the dragboard? I posted something similar (not using Shape3D) in {thread:id=2515063}.
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            Yeah, OK. Snapshots of 3D shapes don't seem to work so well...
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              I was thinking about taking a snapshot yesterday, thanks for the idea!

              Sad to hear it doesn't work too well :(.

              I'm using Imported 3D Mesh's from InteractiveMesh's Importer, I'm not sure how well it would work...

              I also wanted to mention that DragView for a normal 2D Image didn't work if placed in DragOVer, and I believe DragEntered. if done in DragDetected it will display the image. IS this how it's supposed to be done? I potentially like the 3d mesh or an snapshot image to be shown when dropping over a target. Thoughts?

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