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    Apex 4.0 combine reset interactive report into the reports select list

      Hello everyone,

      I was asked to make saved Interactive Report back to default anytime the user choose from the Report Dropdown List.
      I know that if user log out and re log in their session, the saved Interactive report will be set to Default, or if they click Reset Button from Action Menu, it will also reset the current report back to default.

      The version of APEX at my workplace is 4.0.2. Oracle db version is 11g R1.
      Plan to upgrade to 4.2 still need approval from manager and will not likely happen in this year.

      So far what I tried is, create a dynamic action on jquery selector

      Event : Change
      Selection Type: jquery selector
      Condition: is not null

      Action: execute Javascript

      However, onchange of the select list still overwrite the reset one.
      Even if I change the Event from Change to Click or Select
      Event Scopt to Live or Bind.
      It seems that I cannot overwrite the gReport.pull in the apex generated code below.
      <select onchange="gReport.pull(this.value,'REPORT_CHANGED')" name="p_accept_processing" id="apexir_SAVED_REPORTS" size="1">
      <optgroup label="Default"><option value="184491124613317125">1. Primary Report</option>
      <option value="184510420868195812" selected="selected">2. By Seminar Year</option></optgroup></select>
      I even put this code into the HTML header
      <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript" TYPE="text/javascript">
      $(document).ready(function() {
           $("#apexir_SAVED_REPORTS").change(function() {
      But it still does not work.
      I don’t know what I do wrong here. I am still a newbie about Javascript and Jquery.
      If anyone has any ideas, please help.

      Thanks a lot in advance.