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    ADF: Set where caluse for inner VOs for treetable.

    Vinay Nuggu-Oracle

      I have 3 query based VOs A, B, C.
      Linked them using Viewlinks. A.levelid=B.levelid (A->B)
      B.contid=C.parentid (B->C)
                     C.contid=C.parentid (C->C) self link..

      I am using respective ViewAccessors to build the treetable.
      It is working fine when there were no where-clause params for VOs B,C.

      I set the where-clause params for the VOs A,B,C in the backingbean before the tree display.
      I am getting 'Missing IN or OUT parameter at index :1'... it seems VOs B, C where-params are lsot.

      Can someone suggest the fix.