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    Postal Code missing in the order page

      Posatl code is missing from the order page in CCB , while i try to complete the order it gives me error saying: postal code field left blank. where as in teh service address zone i dont find any postal code field to be entered. I looked the help file it shows the screen shot of the order with the postal code.

      Why it is missing in my ccb application. or how do i bring it on screen i dont no. do i need to change the zone or do some configuration can anybody suggest.
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          The fields that you can see on the Service Address part of the Order screen depend upon the Country that you select. So, if there is no Postal Code shown, the Country selected does not require one (as configured in Admin --> Country). Are you using a new Premise or an existing Premise?

          Note that you may also have address fields in the Account Information part of the Order screen, depending upon what Address Source you select. Again these Address fields depend upon the Country selected (or defaulted from Installation Options). Your error might also refer to these fields, so check what you have selected as Address Source and whether a Postal Code is required there.

          Since this screen does vary according to the configuration of Country, you don't need to make any changes to the screen itself, just ensure that you have defined the correct address fields for each Country that you use.
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