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    Oracle WebLogic Server Tools for Eclipse Kepler

      We are using the following Oracle plugin in Eclipse Kepler M6 (20130320-2352) with Oracle WebLogic 10.3.5 on Windows 7 32-bit:
      Oracle WebLogic Server Tools     oracle.eclipse.tools.kepler.weblogic.feature.group     Oracle

      The JDKs are as follows:
      Eclipse :: Java 1.7.0_17
      WebLogic :: Java 1.6.0_31

      We have one issue:
      1) After creating an Oracle WebLogic Server.
      2) Right click and select Open.
      Expected: access to the Overview screen where settings can be configured.
      Actual: a completely blank tab is opened in the Eclipse Editor.

      There doesn't appear to be a way to attach images, but can send a screenshot if that helps.