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    OPA Siebel Error - Entity instance does not exist


      We have installed Siebel OPA connector in our environment and want to have a rule base based on below entities
      Opportunity(S_OPTY) and Opportunity Product(S_REVN)
      Created new Entities : dealProduct (1 to M) to Global
      Added attributes in dealProduct entity as below
      ao_fast_track – Text
      customizable – text
      fast_track _ Text
      Product_id - Identifying attribute

      Logic: Based on few field values in Opportunity Product we want to pass a value to Opportunity entity to display a message in UI.

      Created the rule and run in debug mode all works fine (created instances manually) but when we invoke the same rule base getting below error message

      [1]Error invoking service 'Policy Automation Determination Server', method 'Assess' at step 'Call Determination Server'.
      (SBL-BPR-00162)[2]Operation 'Assess' of Web Service 'http://oracle.com/determinations/server/10.0/server/types.DeterminationServer' at port
      'NonFastTRackDeal' failed with the following explanation: "Entity instance 'dealproduct[deal Product-1-7IGVAU]' does not exist.".(SBL-EAI-04308)

      I have checked the record with Id'1-7IGVAU' is available in the database , Please let me know if I am missing any thing here.

      Please find the details of the changes in siebel.

      1. Add a button to existing applet and added the relevant code to invoke the rule base web service.
      2. Create New Mapping as below
      Mapping Name:NonFastTRackDeal
      Business Object:Opportunity
      Default Value:UnKnown
      Outbound Poart:NonFastTRackDeal
      Created below 2 Entity Attributes:
      deal Product BC Opportunity Product
      global BC Opportunity

      Relation Ships
      Name: dealproduct(same as public name of Forward relationship)
      Target:deal Product

      Outcomes for global entity: deal_type
      Attributes for deal Product
      Prod_id(identify Attribute): Row Id(Opportunity Product Row Id)
      mapped to corresponding fields for below attributes

      Please let me know if I am missing any thing here.