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    First Schema Provisioned

      APEX 4.2.2

      Re: error while installing a packaged application

      The bug (15935289) related to packaged application installs requiring APEX_PUBLIC_USER has been fixed in the 4.2.2 patchset so the Builder can be used to install packaged applications.


      1. Is there a way we can choose the application id when installing a packaged application? We like to keep ranges of application ids separate under our control.
      2. Instead of always using the first schema provisioned for the workspace, can the supporting database objects (tables, packages, sequences, etc) be installed in some other schema? o my surprise, there appears to be no way to change this using Instance Administration! Am I missing something? The workspace has a bunch of schemas associaged with it. Why is the "first" schema immutable?!

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          To answer my own questions...

          1. There are instance level settings for minimum (>= 100) and maximum application id. Judicious use of these settings along with the wwv_flow_utilities.minimum_free_flow API and manually deleting entries from apex_040200.wwv_flows_reserved until the packaged apps installer generates the desired id(s).
          2. This one appears to be hard-wired into APEX. Manually updating the first_schema_provisioned column in the apex_040200.wwv_flow_companies table to one of the other schemas associated with the workspace seems to do the trick. The installer picks this schema both as the parsing schema for the app as well as the schema to install all the supporting objects.

          Hope this helps someone else.