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    SOA11g SSLv2

      Hi All,

      We are running SOA 11g and having intermittent connectivity issues. Our network team is suggesting we change from SSLv3 (which seems to be the default) to SSLv2. How can this be done?

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          Anuj Dwivedi-Oracle
          Hi Suresh,

          SSLv2 was an insecure protocol and had various flaws and hence Weblogic does not support it.


          WebLogic Server supports both the SSL V3.0 and TLS V1.0 protocols. When WebLogic Server is acting as an SSL server, the protocol that the client specifies as preferred in its client hello message is used. Note that WebLogic Server does not support SSL V2.0 . When WebLogic Server is acting as an SSL client, it specifies TLS1.0 as the preferred protocol in its SSL V2.0 client hello message, but can use SSL V3.0 as well, if that is the highest version that the SSL server on the other end supports. The peer must respond with an SSL V3.0 or TLS V1.0 message or the SSL connection is dropped.

          section "Specifying the Version of the SSL Protocol" at -



          You may raise a SR with support if you think that because of SSLv3, you are facing connectivity issues. My experience says that it may be the problem with the target server or an issue at your proxy/firewall.

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            Hi Anuj - Thanks for the information.