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    WebLogic 12c Global JNDI issue

      I'm using WebLogic to deploy our application and we have a standalone application to invoke remote EJB, so we use global jndi.


      Here is some description about the global JNDI
      1.<aplication-name> defaults to the bundle name (.ear file name) without the bundle extension. This can be overridden in application.xml. Also, <application-name> is applicable only if the bean is packaged inside a .ear file.
      2.<module-name> defaults to bundle name (.war or .jar) without the bundle extension. Again, this can be overridden in ejb-jar.xml.
      3.<bean-name> defaults to the unqualified class name of the bean. However, if @Stateful or @Stateless or @Singleton uses the name attribute, then the value specified there will be used as the bean name.

      But when I deploy our ear to webogic by autodeploy, weblogic just doesn't obey this rule, the application-name was generated by weblogic, not from application.xml in ear. This cause our standalone application need to configure the application-name if we want to keep compatible with JBoss 7.

      Why doesn't weblogic use the application-name from application.xml? Is this an issue?