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    AIA support for multiple brands implemented in multiple instances of Siebel

      Good Day!

      I would like to ask whether AIA has the capability to support multiple brands in terms of multiple instances of Siebel and BRM.

      I have a client wherein they have a scenario of:

      1.) To launch 4 different brands which contain multiple services and it has been decided that anything that holds customer specific data should be all in a separate instance (which would cover SIEBEL, BRM etc.)

      2.) It is also a plan to have systems which only contain transactional data (mainly transient information) to have a central deployment platform (This would typically include OSM and AIA)

      I've heard that this is possible with AIA but with heavy customization is required to be done. In case for customization, are there any white paper / documentation which talks about this?

      So to summarize, here are the key questions:

      -- Support of AIA to integrate multiple instances of Siebel, multiple instances of OBRM and single instance of OSM
      -- Does AIA PIPS (mainly O2C, AABC) support data models (account, subscription, etc.,) of different services like 2G, 3G, LTE and Enterprise
      -- Does AIA support more than 2 level hierarchies
      -- Does AIA support charge redirection within the hierarchy
      -- Does AIA PIPS support different MACD scenarios like suspend, resume, account movement within & across hierarchies especially for Enterprise Services?