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    Help with access policy -based provisioning using Flat File Connector


      I'm trying to setup the OIM 11 R2 to invoke the sample Flat File Connector from the [OIM Lab|http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/middleware/id-mgmt/overview/icf-connector-development-1868156.7z] via access policy (when a user is added to a role). The connector works fine for explicit requests. My understanding is that I need to create a pre-populate adapter and attach it to the fields of the process form to make it work with access policy, but the pre-populate adapter doesn't seem to do anything (or, rather, doesn't get invoked) as the accounts show up as "Provisioning" with the data fields empty. And of course nothing gets written to the targeted file. The form has pre-Populate and Auto save checkboxes selected; all this tinkering is done as xelsysadm . I'd very much appreciate any insight.