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    Help please: issue with position() and page number

      Hello all,

      We use BIP (build 5.12.110)

      We have several rtf templates, and some with sub-templates.
      In that problematic case, we produce several invoices in the same pdf.

      We've noticed that command position() is relative to the number of records of a group or loop.

      At the top of the XML data file, position() is relative to each invoice that will be produced in the PDF file.

      For instance, in our code, 3 invoices of one page each:
      - position()=1 for first invoice
      - position()=2 for second invoice
      - position()=3 for third invoice....
      This works fine only when we've got one page per each invoice
      Our problem occur when invoices have more than one page !

      Is it possible to find a way that position() agrees with the number of page of one invoice?
      For instance :
      - position()=1 for first invoice, page 1
      - position()=2 for first invoice, page 2 (==last)
      - position()=1 for second invoice, page 1
      - position()=2 for second invoice, page 2 (==last)
      - position()=1 for third invoice, page 1....

      I would like to find a way to display a specific footer on last page of each invoice.
      My idea is to use position()=last() for display my specific footer ..., but actually it's wrong because of a code problem.

      Please find the full example here:
      https://fts.capgemini.com/pubpwd/33013093580064/Test_Break_position_page.zip link valid until 2013-05-16 23:00 UTC (public access with local password)
      Username: wtmscplce
      Password: uAkKhqhWH8

      We really struggle to try to find a solution.
      I hope that my explanation is clear, and we really appreciate the help you could provide.

      Thanks in advance,