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    Service Unavailable error accessing APEX Listener via SQL Developer


      APEX Listener 2.0.1
      SQL Developer
      Database: 11gR2

      I am using the APEX listener running in standalone mode to access APEX. It works fine via the browser url http://localhost:8090/apex.
      However, I'm having problems accessing the APEX Listener from SQL Developer
      Connection information:
      username: adminlistener (created via java -jar apex.war user adminlistener "Listener Administrator")
      port : 8090
      server path : /apex

      Database Connection:
      username:APEX_PUBLIC_USER --account unlocked at database level and password checked
      port : 1521
      sid: orcl

      When I try to connect I get the following error:
      HTTP /1.1 503 Service Unavailable

      Any ideas how I can get this to work greatly appreciated
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          Hello Hellen,

          sorry for the late response. Do you try to access APEX Listener with HTTP or HTTPS? Do you see anything in APEX Listener's log when that error occurs? And are you sure the 503 is issued by APEX Listener, not by a different service listening on the same port? (I know, 8090 is an uncommon port and you've probably chosen it carefully, but it's one possible cause...)

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            It looks like I have the exact same scenario.

            Where all worked just fine on my old laptop, I have Helen's issue on my new one.

            Application Express


            SQL Dev Version Build MAIN-09.87

            Oracle Database 11g Enterprise Edition Release - 64bit Production

            With the Partitioning, OLAP, Data Mining and Real Application Testing options

            defaults.xml: <entry key="security.verifySSL">false</entry>

            I do not see strange things in the DOS box where Apex Listener was started.

            I have my concerns about my OS: it is 64-bit Windows 7, and I am not sure what needs to be started 'as administrator' or 'as normal user'.