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    OVD-how to add virtual attributes from an other objectclass

      I am new to OVD, and need guidance for a quick PoC -

      I currently have a LDAP adapter which is bringing in all my directory info into OVD. My directory schema (in source LDAP) is extended such that our
      users are identified by "objectClass = myUser", and the attribute of interest is "myCompanyCode" found on all user records.

      Our company objects are identified by "objectClass = myCompany", and "myCompanyCode" is in the RDN.

      Each user is associated with only one company.

      What I need to do is copy all the attributes seen in the "myCompany" record and add them to the user record based on matching the "myCompanyCode" on the two objects.

      We are doing this to support an application which can do only a single look-up by user, and get all the data for the user as well as data for the user's company in one go.

      Can you please provide your inputs on how to proceed in OVD (to the extent possible, without custom code).

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