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    Is replication possible when you have inconsistent tables in datastore.

      I am currently using a using a active - standby timesten replication scheme .

      First i add a new schema to datastore in standby timesten i.e (subscriber database) and replication in between is happening properly for other tables from master. Now i toggle ,making master database standby and create the new schema there. And now replication is happening is correctly for tables including the newly created table.

      Now take the second case , this time am not adding new schema , instead modifying the description of existing schema (i.e) add a new column to the existing schema.
      Unlike last case replication is not happening for any of the table until i upgrade the schema in the second machine with new column in it.
      I get to see error in timesten log stating "no table id found " on adding data to master schema.After adding that new column in second machine ,replication is working fine.

      Is this a limitation with TimesTen ?
      Any suggestion how do we solve this ?
      Is there any workaround to compensate the data loss in between ?

      Kindly clarify,