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    Column Not Found when Using Multiple Excel Files as Data Sources

      Hi all,

      I'm using BI Publisher as part of OBIEE

      I have 2 Excel files: AccountName.xls and AccountBalance.xls. I create 2 data sets using those 2 Excel files (Workbook is Local instead of Shared).

      AccountName (G_1) structure:

      AccountBalance (G_2) structure:

      Code_1 from AccountName (G_1) is then linked/joined to Code_2 from AccountBalance (G_2).

      After saving, and I want to generate the XML sample file, I got error:
      XML Parsing Error: mismatched tag. Expected: </img>.
      Line Number 2, Column 580:<table style='background=colo ...

      After checking the log in the FMW Enterprise Manager, the error says "Column Code_1 not found" and "Column Name not found". Any idea why and how to solve this issue?

      The thing is, if I only use 1 data set from each of those Excel files, I am able to generate the sample XML file. So, has anyone ever tried joining 2 Excel files as data source?

      Please help. Thank you very much!