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    ens/enpd logging to default log

      I'm looking for a way to stop ens/enpd from logging so much to the default log - it's very chatty.

      I've tried:

      - setting logfile.default.loglevel to warning (even though I really do want information level in logging in default from other processes, just not enpd)
      - setting local.ensloglevel to warning

      after a refresh these changes had no effect; default is still being populated by information level logging from enpd.

      We are an IMAP site so enpd logging is valuable, just not spamming the default log.

      The ENS link here https://wikis.oracle.com/display/CommSuite/Message+Store+Logging has no wiki entry :(

      Any ideas?

      Messaging server 7u4

      Kirk MacDonald

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