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    JDeveloper, ADF Faces: aberrant behavior declarative components

    Wes Fang
      Strange things have been happening with my research into declarative components.

      1. declarative component cannot be used the within the same project it is defined. only in a separate project which consumes it as an adflib

      2. periodically, in the componentdef property inspector for my declarative component would miss displaying all values I defined for "Facet Definitions, Method Signature, Methods". Closer inspection of the code reveals that somehow, the afc tags disappeared! so the code for something like a method attribute would look like:

        void method(javax.faces.event.ActionEvent)
      instead of:
        void method(javax.faces.event.ActionEvent)
      3. during design time, the ActionListener attribute of a button (in the declarative component definition) shows up under "warning node" and states "Reference comp.nameofactionlistener" not found.
      Code will run but there are many warnings similar to this.

      anyone else on have similar issues working with declarative components? i'm trying to find steps to reproduce but havent stumbled upon it yet.