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    Upgrade 11g Grid control to 12c Cloud

    krish dba
      Hello Oracle Guru's,

      Now we have 11G grid control on linux x86_64 server and we are planning to upgrade this to 12c Cloud control,

      I need some advice on available options,

      1) upgrade from 11g to 12c on the same server.
      2) Build another linux server and install 12cloud.

      which ever is easy to have 12c upgrade please give me some suggestions on these options. And please provide me oracle recommended url's to follow the installation.
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          Akanksha Sheoran Kaler-Oracle

          You can do upgrade from 11g to on same server using 1-systen upgrade which has downtime involved. Building a linux server and installing em on will be a fresh install and in this case you will lose all historical data plus you have to deploy agents on all targets,

          I suggest you go through few collateral and then take a decision:

          Upgrade guide

          Cisco: Enterprise Manager 12c Upgrade - Best Practices, Key Features, Tips & Techniques

          Cerner: Upgrading to Enterprise Manager 12c: Best Practices and Real World Lessons

          IOUG: Migrating from Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g to 12c Cloud Control
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            krish dba

            I will be choosing option for upgrading on same server using 1-system upgrade. Those url's has good information for upgrading.

            Thank you for your valuable suggestion,

            Thank you,