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    want  to decode PGP encrypted edi files with oracle soa b2b

      I am working on a scenario where the trading parter(TP) will publish the edi to our FTP server. These edi files are encrypted using PGP software( we have to provide them our public key for this).
      I have never worked with encryption\ decryption before, but I understand the theory of cryptography.

      Question 1: Can we install PGP on top of soa 11g server and configure the b2b to decode the file using our private key.

      Question 2: If SOA 11g server do not support PGP, then shall i install PGP at the FTP server, and use java to decode the file(using the private key) to a new location and B2B can pick the decode file from here.

      These are two strategy I have planed, please guide me which one is feasible\best , and if you know the steps to implement please do share it with me.

      Thanks in advance.


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