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    Import remote Oracle database schema using SQL Developer

      Hi , I want to copy remote schema (Database available on remote server where my application is hosted) to my local database. So that I can create replica of same that schema in local machine. I have view only user for remote schema. Do we have any option in SQL Developer to do this? Database copy option dint work probably because I have read only user.
      Kindly advice.
      Recently in javaone conference held in india I was told to post My query here.
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          Jim Smith
          In order of efficiency,

          1) If you have permission to copy the database, then the owners of the database should be able to you provide with an export file which you can import.
          2) Alternatively you can install the exp utility (Part of a full oracle client install) and create your own export file.
          3) You can create a database link inside your database connected to the remote database and copy tables using create table as...
          4) You can use the SQL Developer BRIDGE command to access remote table. It doesn't seem to be documented directly but there some help here
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            Turloch O'Tierney-Oracle

            For individual Oracle to Oracle table transfer there is also the copy command in Sqlplus and SQL Developer see in SQL Developer worksheet: "help copy".

            Note: Data Pump is good for exporting data but you would need privileges or get your DBA to run the export - there is a wizard in the DBA view for both the export and import.

            SQLDeveloper team